Matrix HQ

Matrix is based on the site of Chuff Chuff Warehouse in Middlewich Street, Crewe.

Sprung Floor

We have our own sprung floor facility which caters for the needs of our athletes, complete with specialist cheerleading tumbling equipment to maximise the potential of our squad.

We also run regular tumble classes for our athletes to ensure they are physically capable of carrying out the skills necessary to compete in the tumble part of cheer, as well as conditioning them for overall fitness and stamina.


The T2K EvoFloor is the evolution of the ever popular Air Floors.
Using the same dynamic material as the Air Floors but extending and making it thicker the EvoFloor feels more like a tumble strip and allows room for a run up and a short sequence of moves.

Fast Track

Our fast track is a great training aid for practicing new tumble passes and for practicing over a long period of time. This helps our athletes build up their confidence and technique with standing and running tumbling before moving onto the firmer tracks and mats.


Our studio is a great additional space used for stretch and conditiioning classes and dance lessons.